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“Bass Weight – a Dubstep Documentary” online

Dafür gibt’s jetzt erst einmal einen strikten Anschaubefehl. Die herausragende Dokumentation “Bass Weight – a Dubstep Documentary” liefert einen ebenso breiten wie tiefen Einblick in die Musik, die Szene und deren Akteure. Gerade für Leute wie mich – die dubstep zwar prinzipiell mögen, das ganze drumherum aber eher am Rande wahrnehmen – quasi eine Pflichtlektüre in Sachen zeitgenössischer Musikgeschichte. Jetzt auch in voller Länge auf youtube.

BASSWEIGHT is a feature length documentary that offers an unparalleled insight into the subterranean world of Dubstep.

Charting the genre’s growth from its obscure origins in south London to global recognition today, the film features in-depth interviews with many of the DJ’s, producers and promoters who have been instrumental in Dubstep’s ongoing evolution.

Skream, Benga, Kode9 and Mary Anne Hobbs are just some of the key players who have contributed, reflecting on the movement they’ve helped shape; a movement that has come to define the importance of underground music in the 21st Century.

This highly stylised film travels from Dubstep’s birthplace in Croydon to Europe, Brazil and Japan, demonstrating just how huge an impact this initially indigenous scene has made at an international level.

via KFMW