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The XX: Five New Songs (Live-Bootleg)

Auf dem Tumblr-Blog von MTHRFNKR sind 5 neue Songs von The XX aufgetaucht. Da sie während eines Konzerts mitgeschnitten wurden sollte man allerdings nicht allzu große Sound-Qualität voraussetzen.

I don’t think anyone even understands how much I love The xx. I love this band so much that I’ve paid 100 pounds to get my hands on unreleased bootleg material. So, here they are all 5 brand new The xx songs from their performance at Battersea in London on May 18th. Note, that the track “Strangers” might actually be 2 songs in one. The xx have not stated how the tracks are called, I made the names up as it’s easier to differentiate between them when playing them in Itunes. But every track name is inspired by their lyrics. Four of the new songs haven’t been released anywhere in full on the internet yet, so you better kiss my ass for this post!