Wie sehen die Hände berühmter Komponisten aus?


Schönes Teil von reddit-User Andrea G.: Hands according to Composers. Wie müssten menschliche Hände aussehen, um jeweils die Stücke von Bach, Beethoven oder Cage spielen so spielen zu können, wie sie von ihren Schöpfern gedacht wurden? Vieles davon scheint mir ziemlich logisch, bei anderem musste ich ein wenig über Kreuz denken und einige waren mir bis dato komplett unbekannt. Daher gibts nach dem Klick noch die aufschlussreiche Erklärungsliste von NeokratosRed, inklusive Youtube-Links.


Chopin: mixer because he reminds me of one sometimes. Example.
Scriabin: He has written a lot of pieces for the left hand alone and he injured the right hand.
Rachmaninoff: He had really big hands. Really big.
Liszt: he sometimes reaches notes at the other side of the piano.
Ravel: he has delicate, water hands and very often the left and right hand play on top of each other.
Beethoven: he is powerful and this is also a reference to the hammerklavier
Satie: his touch is very gentle and it sounds like he is playing with gloves.
Boulez: Just to give you an idea.
Cage: the ‘no hands’ is a joke for 4’33” and the objects on the keyboard are a reference to his prepared pianos.
Feldman: most of his compositions use just a few notes.
Mozart: Rolling pins because of all the scales.
Schubert: A lot of his pieces have very articulated right hand passages that go back and forth like a wheel and really easy left hand ones.
Bach: robot hands because he was so structured and calculating in his pieces. (Side note: amazing book)
Debussy: really soft touch, just like feathers.
Glass: Pendulum and metronome because of his style that led him to be very technical, a bit like Bach, but it’s more complicated than that.
Bartok: drum beaters because of the power of some of his compositions.

Hands according to Composers via reddit

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