Kickstarter: The secret pictogram poster project by Viktor Hertz


Das ist gerade bei uns im Posteingang reingeschneit und stammt vom großartigen Designer Viktor Hertz, den wir hier schon mit seinen fantastischen Honest Logos und nicht weniger fantastischen Song Artworks im Programm hatten. Und das muss ich dann auch einfach mal hier reinhauen, nicht nur weil die mail als Ganzes so sympathisch ist (“yeah, it felt weird to write in third person, but I’ve been told this could be useful when promoting your Kickstarter project”), sondern auch weil ich die Idee genial finde (Nicht nur einfach ein Projekt finanziell unterstützen sondern von Anfang an in den kreativen Prozess involviert sein) und das Ganze in den Händen von Hertz mit Sicherheit wieder zu einem großartigen Ergebnis führt.

Also los Leute, back this!

Hello Seite 360!

Hope all is good! First of all, I’m very grateful for the publicity you’ve given my work in the past, it means a lot. And, I don’t expect you to feature my work again, but I thought I’d just tell you about my very first Kickstarter campaign, ‘The secret pictogram poster project’. Here is a link to the project:

This is a chance for me to stay creative and continue working on new series of artworks. I can’t wait to collaborate with the backers, see which idea they will like the most, and ultimately publish a whole new pictogram poster project. Which, quite possibly, also could end up being my most large-scale series of artworks, so far. The more support I’ll receive, the larger this project will be.

At the end of this e-mail is a short press release (yeah, it felt weird to write in third person, but I’ve been told this could be useful when promoting your Kickstarter project). Feel free to re-write it as you would see fit, if you were to feature this project somehow, that is. If so, I’d be forever grateful, and if not, no hard feelings. I just think this little art experiment could be great, and I thought it could be of interest for you, since you’ve shared some of my previous projects before.

Thanks for taking the time, and thanks in advance if you decide to help me share this project with the rest of the world! Please, let me know if you want to know more about this, I’d be happy to provide. Have a great day!

Best wishes,



‘The secret pictogram poster project’

Viktor Hertz is a graphic designer from Sweden, most known for his pictogram posters in various themes. For his next project, he turns to global crowdfunding website Kickstarter, seeking both support and help with deciding which one of his poster ideas to complete next. The secret projects will only be revealed for backers, and the campaign is running for 30 days, ending on November 20th. It’s also a great chance to get his existing posters at a very reduced price, and also some unique pictogram portraits, limited to a number of 20 available pledges.

Read more at the Kickstarter page:

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