Kurzfilm der Woche: Le Ballon Rouge

Le Ballon Rouge ist ein wunderschöner, befreiend naiver Kurzfilm von 1956, der im Jahr seiner Veröffentlichung auch den Academy Award für den besten Short gewonnen hat. Der nostalgische Fantasyfilm zwischen Kindheitserinnerung und magischem Realismus erzählt die Geschichte eines kleinen Jungen aus Paris, der auf seinem Schulweg einen roten Ballon findet, der eigene Gefühle und einen eigenen Willen hat und den jungen, verträumten Schüler den Rest des Tages begleitet. Der Kinderbuchautor Brian Selznick schrieb 2008 in dem Essay  “The Red Balloon: Written on the Wind” über seine Begeisterung für diesen Kurzfilm-Klassiker:

As a child, I longed for two specific things that I now realize Lamorisse’s movie embodies: the presence of a loving friend and the knowledge that real magic exists in the world. Childhood, in so many ways, is about learning to navigate the world around us, to make sense of what seems overwhelming and gigantic. Having a special companion makes that experience more manageable and less terrifying. To kids, the world of grown-ups is often alien and untranslatable, and so magic becomes a lens through which the incomprehensible universe (as Einstein once called it) becomes comprehensible.

The great children’s stories, which we believe so strongly when we’re young, reveal themselves as rich and beautiful metaphors once we’ve grown up; think of how adults have used J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan or fairy tales like “Cinderella” to understand themselves and others. An adult watching The Red Balloon will not find it difficult to see the title character as a symbol of spirituality, friendship, love, transcendence, the triumph of good over evil, or any of the countless other things that a simple, round red balloon can represent. But perhaps we’re better off enjoying some things the way a child understands them: not as metaphors but as stories. In the end, I think there’s something nice about allowing the balloon to just be. I guess that’s what you do with good friends—you let them be themselves.

Le Ballon Rouge (Frankreich, 1956)

Regie: Albert Lamorisse

Kamera: Edmond Séchan

Darsteller: Pascal Lamorisse

Musik: Maurice Leroux

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