Deerhunter – Free Download "Carve Your Initials Into The Wall Of The Night"

Deerhunter haben mit “Microcastle” eines der besten Alben 2008 herausgebracht und verschenken kurz vor Weihnachten ihr erstes Album “Carve Your Initials Into The Wall Of The Night”.

Dazu im Originalton auf dem bandeigenen Blog:

“Responding to several requests I have dug up an old copy of this 2005 Deerhunter CD-R. It features only me and Moses and is very experimental in nature. This was during our “tape phase” when we would often play shows as a duo (or as a trio with colin) playing only tape machines and vocal loops.

1. Bright and Early (8:30)
2. Cicadas (3:56)
3. Rotation (8:03)
4. But I’m A Boy (6:54)
5. Three Dolphins Melting into Orange Wax (4:20)
6. Snow Dogs (2:12)
7. Dogs are Cool (3:41)
8. Homorobotic (3:54)
9. Cordless (2:05)
10. When I Taste Blood (2:53)

Recorded live to 2-track cassette machine at Moses’ old house on North Ave & Ponce
“Mastered” at the Old Notown building on my dad’s ancient PC using Soundforge,”

Download hier (Mediafile)

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